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Disabling the Places Feature

  • "The new ’Places’ feature has ’stalker’ written all over it! I’m not interested in people knowing my every move. How do I disable it?"

Some may really like the idea of sharing their every move with their Facebook Friends. But this brings with it more personal security issues than we’re comfortable with.

It seems like Facebook really wants your Friends to know where you’re at, for you to know where your Friends are at, and to discover interesting places to find because there are four places to disable the "check-in," "here now," and tagging features with Places.

All four places to disable Places can be found in the Privacy Settings found on your Profile or Home Page. Three are accessed from the Customize settings link and the fourth is accessed through the Edit your settings link under the Applications and Websites heading.

Four steps to disable Facebook Places

To start with, click the Customize settings link and a new window will appear. Under the Things I share heading there is a subheading that reads, Include me in "People Here Now" after I check in. Simply uncheck the Enable box.

Things I Share Facebook box

The second step to disable Places is found on the previous subheading which reads, Places I check in to. Click on the dropdown button and choose Custom. A pop-up window appears with visibility or hide options. Choose to make the option visible to Only Me and click the Save Setting button.

Privacy Settings to Hide Places

The third step to disable Places is in the next heading which reads, Things others share. The last subheading reads, Friends can check me in to Places. Click on the dropbox button and choose Disabled.

Stopping Friends from checking me into places

The final step is found by going back to the main Privacy Settings page. Click on the Edit your settings link under the Applications and Websites heading. Click the Edit Settings button next to the heading, Info accessible through your friends.

Privacy Settings to Hide Places in Applications

A pop up window appears with multiple categories for boxes to be checked. The last option on the right column is Places I check in to needs to be unchecked.

Privacy Settings to Hide Places in Applications

From this point forward, your location is secure, the places you go are up to you, and the decision to share where you’re at is totally up to you...and no one else!

source: The Facebooking Couple (K. Jason & Kelli Krafsky), authors of Facebook and Your Marriage at FacebookAndYourMarriage.com.


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